The first time a scribe affixed the king’s seal to a document to mark its authenticity—that was branding.

Effective branding is the art of making a visual statement that instantly confirms the value of your words and actions. A good logo is part of branding. There are also a range of visual and textual cues that work together to confirm your capabilities and your trustworthiness. Branding is the foundation of every message your organization sends, so we start with your message to define a brand that speaks for you.

More Than Just a Logo

A polished, well-crafted brand confers instant credibility and sets you apart from your peers. Kineto Creative creates logos and other branding assets that are meaningful, memorable, and useful in all the places they’re needed. Our branding suite includes: 

  • Scalable vertical and horizontal versions of your logo
  • Horizontal logos with and without taglines
  • Color, monochrome, and reversed versions 
  • Separate CMYK and RGB versions for print and digital uses
  • Matching social media icon/mark 
  • Matching print and/or digital business card design
  • Matching presentation/document or stationery template

Our award-winning branding approach focuses not only on your mission and message, but also on color, clarity, and legibility in scaling your design down and up—so your brand can go everywhere you want and last as long as you need it to.

Full-Service Brand Support

In addition to design services, we can facilitate printing business cards or setting up a digital business card service, using your service provider or one we recommend. 

We also provide a full suite of graphic design services to create branded collateral designs using your brand—such as one-sheets, postcards, stickers, product labels, campaign art, even billboards.

As a service provider, Kineto Creative will also curate your logo art in our archive. If you ever want to make a change, add a color palette, or extend your brand, we’ll have the original art files to use or provide to you. 

Schedule an Appointment 

Make a brilliant first impression with a brand that that embodies your identity and shows off the connection between you and the quality of your products and services. Contact Kineto Creative today to discuss:

  • Brand strategy
  • Organizational identity
  • Memorable messaging
  • Logos and illustration
  • Branded collateral 
  • Graphic design