In the digital world, content is currency. 

Prospective customers want information first and foremost. The more valuable the information, the more attractive it will be. Quality matters. But producing content worth consuming takes more time than most organizations can spare. 

Kineto Creative helps bridge the content-production gap by developing high-quality, high-impact written content that supports your goals. You bring the vision—we’ll help you get the message out.

Clarity. Impact. Optimization.

Website content not only has to inform and persuade, it also has to be “optimized” for indexing by online search engines such as Google.

Online search engine optimization (SEO) is a perpetually moving target. Visibility on the web is no longer a game of keyword-cramming and link manipulation. Sophisticated algorithms track people’s actual behavior on the web and use that data to rank the “authority” of websites in relation to various search terms.

In this setting, the only realistic approach to optimization is to create the most informative and meaningful content you can for your target audience. And keep on creating it—generating fresh content that is clear, relevant, engaging, and searchable. Valuable information, sensibly arranged, can help your website earn its way to a solid, stable ranking and sustain those gains over the long term. 

Inform and Sell 

Like Google, we believe quality content is the best way to attract and engage prospective customers and drive them to your business. Smart messaging speaks to your customers and differentiates you from your competitors. 

We start with strategic questions about who you are, what you do, what sets you apart, and what you want to achieve. Then we’ll help reframe what you want to say in terms of what your audience needs to know. What are the questions you repeatedly answer about your organization, your industry, or your process? What information or message helps a prospective customer take the next step?

With this in mind, we’ll craft a message that is meaningful and persuasive, showing your prospective customers why you are the right choice for them. 

Communicate and Sustain

We don't stop our communications delivery at the web. We’ll provide a consistent voice for you and your organization wherever you need it, whether you're courting prospective customers, engaging with long-term clients, or rallying the troops. We can help with mass email campaigns, training materials, presentations, and learning management. 

We also provide skilled change management communications. It's true that the only constant in life is change, and this applies to businesses and nonprofits of all sizes. When your organization needs to turn a corner, we can help you connect with your team and your customers (internal or external) using the tools at your disposal.

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Kineto Creative produces smart content that supports your best path forward—looking beyond the sale to develop, sustain, and grow the relationships that make your organization successful. Contact us today to discuss:

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