Great design transforms ordinary things into things that people enjoy and want to use. And in a well-designed website, a positive user experience ensures that value persists even after the initial novelty has faded.

Clarity of Design

Kineto Creative designs web experiences people love. Our approach to web design starts with a clear understanding of what you want your website visitors to do next to fulfill your strategic needs. This means we’ll find out how your business actually works, not just apply a one-size-fits-all solution assuming it will meet your basic needs.

We’ll work with you to understand who your customers are and what they’re looking for. We’ll learn how you interact with your customers: before, during, and after the sale. We’ll identify the key traits that make up your best customers, so your website will speak most persuasively to the ones you really want to earn.

Getting this straight allows us to design a right-sized web experience that meets your immediate needs, reinforces your brand, and builds in flexibility to adjust as your organization matures. We’ve found this approach actually saves time, money, and frustration over the life of the project and the website. The result is a highly performant website that you can use, that informs and converts prospective customers, and that lasts.

Websites That Perform

Kineto Creative designs and develops responsive, mobile-friendly websites that elevate your business identity and delight your web visitors. Our site designs include:

  • An up-to-date user interface with styling in line with your brand 
  • Search-optimized pages arranged for ideal user experience on desktop and mobile 
  • A software framework that is secure, easy to use and maintain, and inexpensive to upgrade

We build sites in Drupal or WordPress depending on which platform meets requirements best. Our U.S.-based team follows development best practices to bring our designs to life in a streamlined package that performs well across platforms—so your message shines through, no matter how your people find you on the web.

Your Content Matters

It's a fact: marketing websites require quality content to succeed. If you’re comfortable with writing, we can use content you supply, providing our editorial advice for what works well on the web. Alternatively, we can work with you to create original content that is clear and search-friendly. We have the same flexibility with images: we can supply good stock photography that enhances your design, or we can work with you to obtain or create custom photos or graphics that show you and your organization at your best.

When it’s time to launch, we make sure your website is secure and furnished with a privacy and cookie management solution and accessibility toolset to meet your organization’s needs. All for a price that is fair, competitive, and within reach of even small businesses and nonprofits.

Web Applications That Work

Do you have complex needs that go beyond what an informational website provides? Maybe you need to support event ticketing, classes, or subscriptions. Maybe you need to restrict access to certain types of content with a login or pay wall. Maybe you need a specialized content workflow for multiple contributors. Or maybe you just have a really unique dataset and haven’t found a compatible service provider.

Situations like these call for a special online solution. We can help you research and make a “buy or build” decision about whether to adapt a pre-built third-party solution or have us design a custom online tool designed to your specific requirements. If you choose a custom tool, we’ll apply the same design and development best practices that guide all our work. We’ll create user interfaces that are familiar and functional. We’ll develop a system that’s secure from online thieves and malware. Depending on the scale of the project, we can also help with stakeholder management, communication, and training for users and content creators.

When it’s practical and affordable to integrate a third-party tool, we do—for example, for features such as appointment scheduling, calendar display, donation or payment portals, or customer help widgets. When we can get better value out of a custom product, we’ll advise on the approach. Custom web applications we’ve developed include complex, multifaceted solutions to meet requirements such as

  • Managing related apartment applications and rental records, multiple charitable sponsors, and a large staff of volunteers
  • Capturing online club membership data, linking content between two websites, and controlling access
  • Managing member subscriptions with tiered pricing and family groupings, supporting event registrations with tiered pricing, controlling access to content, and integrating with support services such as badging
  • Providing controlled access to a member directory and specific member content, with a custom backend and specialized forms for content creators

Scoping for Use = Value for Money

Whether your needs are simple or complex, the key to getting the most out of your website project is managing the scope, large or small.

The truth is, many clients have come to us with half-built or malfunctioning websites that they started creating in-house using a do-it-yourself tool or a low-cost service. What was meant to be a cheap, easy solution ended up being harder and more costly than expected. It never looked right. Forms or other features didn’t work, while the backend was bloated with features no one knew how to use. It was difficult to update and constantly breaking. It just gave visitors the wrong impression of the organization.

It's an unfortunate but understandable situation. Creating a great website or web application involves choices that impact both visitor and administrator experience. If you haven’t done it before (or if it’s been a while), it can be hard to know which path is best for you. Low-cost developers know what they know, but they may not have experience with the range of issues affecting your organization—and you may not learn that until the project is underway.

We can help! Kineto Creative has the business experience, as well as the design and development skills, to understand your requirements and give you exactly the website you need, when you need it. Most importantly, we scope our work carefully so you don’t need to worry about paying for features you’ll never use. 

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